Monday, May 11, 2015

{ lucifer turns 11 }

Dear Friends & Family,

Some of you have heard of Lucifer. Some of you have met Lucifer. And no, I am not talking about the devil...

Lucifer is the most loved dog in Berlin. You think you love your dog? Well, of course you do. But do you throw your dog a birthday party with all his/her human friends, and are there presents to open and a burger to devour? Because that is what Lucifer's birthday is like every year!

He literally opens his gifts. When Amalie sent out the invite to her friends for us to join her in celebrating her dog's birthday, we all thought nothing out of the ordinary and asked what we could bring. And as I wrapped his gift, I wondered to myself if I was placing too many tapes to wrap it. I obviously underestimated Lucifer's gift unwrapping skillz.

So another year older, another successful birthday. He had his fill of presents, treats, and a burger, and we all got fed delicious burgers with all the fixings from our meat cooking vegetarian friend.

The Prindles.
{ photo taken by Flora Amalie }

{ all tuckered out from opening his gift }

{ john being a bad influence? }

{ burger time! }

{ photo taken by Jessica }

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