Tuesday, May 28, 2013

{ staying busy }

Dear Friends & Family,

You know, when I told everyone we were moving to Berlin, everyone asked me, "what will you do?" Hmmm....that was a good question, and I told everyone I would keep them updated with this blog (I hope I'm doing a good job).

I thought I would miss working, but...I don't. I enjoy my days, whatever I do. I'm enjoying them much more living in Schöneberg. Not having our Internet hooked up has made me start my days at the cafe down the street enjoying a Latte Macchiato whilst taking advantage of their WiFi. From there I usually go home to clean up any mess from the night before (i.e. dishes), and do laundry if it's needed. When people in Berlin ask me what I do, I respond that I am a Hausfrau (housewife). Although we have a bigger fridge than our old place in Zehlendorf, I don't buy more than we need, but that's also because the store is much closer, so I try to buy only for what we need that day.  

One of the staples I like to have always prepared is couscous (although I just started making quinoa which is just as easy to prepare). We haven't eaten much rice even though they sell Jasmine rice at the store. In the mornings, my favorite thing to prepare is a fried egg over couscous with Maggi & Sriracha hot sauce. Growing up, I remember my dad used to crack a few eggs on a cast iron skillet and serve it with a fresh baguette and Maggi. He wouldn't even remove the eggs from the skillet. He'd just put a potholder on the table and place the skillet within everyone's reach. Something so simple tastes so good. And I love adding fried eggs to rice & noodles. Now, I love adding a fried egg to my couscous. If you're a fried egg lover like me, you should try this. 

Other than trying new (and somewhat healthy) recipes, I have been exploring our neighborhood looking for new things for us. Just the other day, I found myself bored, so I took a walk to see what daily flavors there were at one of the ice cream shops. Not seeing anything that stood out, I kept walking. I decided to walk down a different block, and to my excitement, I found a Vanille & Marille, a place we had been introduced to in March in Kreuzberg.  They had just opened their new location a week ago. What I love about their ice cream is that it's made in house, AND it's only 1 euro. 

Part of my mission is to be prepared when our friends & family come visit. I know our friends & family will enjoy the same things we have been enjoying, not only in our neighborhood, but all of Berlin. 
{ our very own air plant as a housewarming gift }

{ okay, not healthy, but delicious sriracha hot wings }

The Prindles.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

{ no connection }

Dear Friends & Family,

The good reliable people of Berlin have failed to show up to their appointment between 8AM & 4PM to get our Internet working yesterday. Thank you, O2 and the telephone company, for wasting our whole day...and not giving us Internet to keep in touch with our friends & family. sigh 

The plus side, John has put together our closet made out of copper pipes, and we have been painting our doors back to a fresh clean white color. I've been getting a lot of reading done as well. When we arrived to Berlin, I had brought a few books that I wanted to read, but up until last week I never really got around to just sitting myself down to read. With our new couch and chair, I have a great place to read with plenty of sunlight by the window. I've finished three books this week, and I'm on my fourth. I'm going to need another book soon...

So we apologize if we've been out of touch this week...our data is also maxed out on our phone until June. Hopefully we'll get everything worked out this week. If not then, we'll have more data on our phones. Or you know, hang out at the cafe using their WiFi....

The Prindles.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

( flights are booked }

Dear Friends & Family,

So it's official! We will be home in August for 2 1/2 weeks. We hope that is enough time to see everyone we hope to see, but we will return in February to take a break from the cold Berlin winter.

It's cooling off this week, getting down to the low 60's. Without any beaches nearby or access to swimming pools, we don't mind the cool weather. I mean, there are places people go to cool off, but we're content with the cool weather. I don't know how I would have survived in Florida with the constant humidity...

{ on a hot day, Berliners sunbathe by the canal }

{ today's weather was both warm and cool due to spotty clouds }

The Prindles

Friday, May 17, 2013

{ come visit us }

Dear Friends & Family,

It's been a pretty laid back week for us. We are just enjoying our neighborhood and all it has to offer. We are really happy with all the good eats there are around us, and everything is cheap here (in Euros...which sounds like "uh-ro" in German). I've mentioned this before, but beer is cheaper than water in Berlin. The ice cream is soooo good here. We try to treat ourselves whenever we can from the three or four different places close by.

The sun doesn't set until 9PM and comes up a little after 5AM. Our windows face south, but we usually wake up just after 7AM, 8AM the latest when the church bells go off. We won't have Internet until next week, so I try to catch up on things across the street at the cafe.

Our place is almost completely furnished. We were lucky to be given a couch and a sofa chair from Cat's brother and his wife who are moving to Munich from Berlin. Eventually we will get Cat's couch with a pull out bed, but we are ready for guests now!

The weather has been really nice. I wasn't expecting Berlin to be so humid. John and I were walking around our neighborhood last night around 8PM, and it was still light out and also very warm. Definitely regret not packing more summer clothes. I was on a winter one track mind back in December.
Luckily our place isn't affected by the warmth. It stays cool throughout the day, and no, we do not have air conditioning .Their idea of air conditioning is to just open your windows.

That's enough rambling for today. We miss you guys, and look forward to seeing everyone in August.
{ having fun with a new photo app }

The Prindles.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

{ disconnected }

Dear Friends & Family,

Sorry there hasn't been an update recently, but we've been at our new place a little over a week now, and our Internet will not be hooked up until the end of this month. We were supposed to receive a simcard that connects to a USB for direct Internet, but we seem to be having problems with the carrier. The language barrier isn't helping our cause. Until then, we are taking advantage of the free WiFi at the cafe across the street.

So yes, we have been at our new place for over a week, and we absolutely love it. Words cannot express the joy we feel being in this neighborhood. Our place is slowly coming together, and we will be ready for our first visitors in June.

Yesterday we had an opportunity to check out a hands on photo exhibit our friend had told us about. The exhibit was put on by Olympus where they let you borrow their new camera for a couple of hours exploring an abandoned warehouse turned exhibit playground totally for free...including 2 SD cards (4GB).

{ handsome husband climbing the stairs}

{ relaxing in a netted playground }

{ channeling my inner Alice in Wonderland }

{ scan? }

{ channeling my inner Feist }

{ playing with lighting }

[ pinhole art }

{ color saturation }

Everything is so much closer now that we are  inside the ring (S-Bahn).
We've had some rain, but like southern California, it doesn't last too long. It's also very humid here. We are counting the days until we return in August, and we hope we get to see everyone!

The Prindles.