Saturday, May 11, 2013

{ disconnected }

Dear Friends & Family,

Sorry there hasn't been an update recently, but we've been at our new place a little over a week now, and our Internet will not be hooked up until the end of this month. We were supposed to receive a simcard that connects to a USB for direct Internet, but we seem to be having problems with the carrier. The language barrier isn't helping our cause. Until then, we are taking advantage of the free WiFi at the cafe across the street.

So yes, we have been at our new place for over a week, and we absolutely love it. Words cannot express the joy we feel being in this neighborhood. Our place is slowly coming together, and we will be ready for our first visitors in June.

Yesterday we had an opportunity to check out a hands on photo exhibit our friend had told us about. The exhibit was put on by Olympus where they let you borrow their new camera for a couple of hours exploring an abandoned warehouse turned exhibit playground totally for free...including 2 SD cards (4GB).

{ handsome husband climbing the stairs}

{ relaxing in a netted playground }

{ channeling my inner Alice in Wonderland }

{ scan? }

{ channeling my inner Feist }

{ playing with lighting }

[ pinhole art }

{ color saturation }

Everything is so much closer now that we are  inside the ring (S-Bahn).
We've had some rain, but like southern California, it doesn't last too long. It's also very humid here. We are counting the days until we return in August, and we hope we get to see everyone!

The Prindles.

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