Friday, May 17, 2013

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Dear Friends & Family,

It's been a pretty laid back week for us. We are just enjoying our neighborhood and all it has to offer. We are really happy with all the good eats there are around us, and everything is cheap here (in Euros...which sounds like "uh-ro" in German). I've mentioned this before, but beer is cheaper than water in Berlin. The ice cream is soooo good here. We try to treat ourselves whenever we can from the three or four different places close by.

The sun doesn't set until 9PM and comes up a little after 5AM. Our windows face south, but we usually wake up just after 7AM, 8AM the latest when the church bells go off. We won't have Internet until next week, so I try to catch up on things across the street at the cafe.

Our place is almost completely furnished. We were lucky to be given a couch and a sofa chair from Cat's brother and his wife who are moving to Munich from Berlin. Eventually we will get Cat's couch with a pull out bed, but we are ready for guests now!

The weather has been really nice. I wasn't expecting Berlin to be so humid. John and I were walking around our neighborhood last night around 8PM, and it was still light out and also very warm. Definitely regret not packing more summer clothes. I was on a winter one track mind back in December.
Luckily our place isn't affected by the warmth. It stays cool throughout the day, and no, we do not have air conditioning .Their idea of air conditioning is to just open your windows.

That's enough rambling for today. We miss you guys, and look forward to seeing everyone in August.
{ having fun with a new photo app }

The Prindles.

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