Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Dear Friends & Family,

The good reliable people of Berlin have failed to show up to their appointment between 8AM & 4PM to get our Internet working yesterday. Thank you, O2 and the telephone company, for wasting our whole day...and not giving us Internet to keep in touch with our friends & family. sigh 

The plus side, John has put together our closet made out of copper pipes, and we have been painting our doors back to a fresh clean white color. I've been getting a lot of reading done as well. When we arrived to Berlin, I had brought a few books that I wanted to read, but up until last week I never really got around to just sitting myself down to read. With our new couch and chair, I have a great place to read with plenty of sunlight by the window. I've finished three books this week, and I'm on my fourth. I'm going to need another book soon...

So we apologize if we've been out of touch this week...our data is also maxed out on our phone until June. Hopefully we'll get everything worked out this week. If not then, we'll have more data on our phones. Or you know, hang out at the cafe using their WiFi....

The Prindles.

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