Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{ our new home }

Dear Friends & Family,

If you have our old address please disregard it. The Prindles are moving! We picked up our keys today, and tomorrow is a holiday, so John and I will be cleaning up and making everything shiny. Thursday we will have furniture, and Friday we will move all our clothes and belongings over to the new apartment.
{ entrance }

{ unfurnished kitchen with pantry & storage loft }

{ living room }

{ double doors }

{ beauty of an altbau }

{ corner bedroom }

{ corner bedroom view }

{ double window bedroom }

{ to the living room }

Please hurry and visit us. We live in a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and shops, and we are a block away from the train station. The weather has been beautiful. It has been a mixture of sunny days and gray skies, but it doesn't stay overcast long. We've had some rain, but it was only for the night, and two days later it was beautiful again. 

The Prindles.

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