Friday, April 12, 2013

{ friday in paris }

Dear Friends & Family,

Friday we continued to explore Paris. Shannon had recommended a few places for us to check out, and we decided to go to the Luxembourg Garden (Jardin du Luxembourg) because it was in close proximity to Ladurée. As we walked, we realized that every small street there was some treasure to be found. We didn't have an exact path to get to our destination, we just wanted to let ourselves get lost in the city. At one point we were walking through a quiet cobble-stoned alley that lead to a small street filled with cafes and boutiques. We found a small French cafe and took advantage of their lunch special that included beef carpaccio and veal served with roasted mango and pineapple, and green beans. After that we walked through the streets and found ourselves in front of Ladurée for macarons. It was definitely my kid in a candy store moment. 

In the evening we met up with Shannon and Guillaume for beers. By the way, beer in Paris is 2-3x more expensive than in Berlin. In Berlin, it is cheaper to drink beer than water. Although Shannon found a place that serves beer cheap during happy hour. From there we headed to a wine bar that had photographs displayed by their friend. There were baguettes, salami, cheese, paté, and wine. Lots and lots of wine. We enjoyed talking to Shannon & Guillaume among their friends, and their friends were very friendly. We all stayed longer than planned enjoying all the food and wine that was offered. 

{ enjoying our parisian lunch }

{ beef carpaccio }

{ lunch }

{ ladurée }

{ another glimpse of the eiffel tower at luxembourg garden }

{ conciergerie: former royal palace & prison }

{ pont au change }

{ goodies come in small boxes }

{ judging wine by its cover }

{ curious }

{ natural wine::tried it, liked it }

{ you wouldn't know from the outside, but the best salami ever }

{ jokes::typical french }

{ empty bottles of wine & paté }

{ so much goodness in one night }

{ blurry john }

{ just a short walk back to the apartment }

The Prindles.


  1. I'm so glad you guys are digging Paris so much. The beer comment reminded me to send you this:

    Seriously, utterly mind blowing mussels and frites and the best beer list in that city.

    1. Thanks, Nick. We'll have to remember to check that out the next time we're in Paris. I'll recommend it to John's cousin. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. We've hung out with Andrew in Berlin. Watched a soccer game, and drank some beers.