Sunday, April 14, 2013

{ sunday in paris }

Dear Friends & Family,

Sunday was our last full day in Paris, and it was my favorite day. We didn't partake in any touristy sightseeing adventure. We just hung out with Shannon and Guillaume like it was any other day in Paris...that included the farmer's market and a birthday party.

We woke up and had our morning latte and then headed to the farmer's market. The only farmer's market John and I have been to in Berlin is indoors because it's been cold and snowy. The one in Paris is what I hope Berlin will be like when the weather warms up. We didn't get to explore the market in its entirety, but the stands we visited had me falling in love with Paris all over again.

shame on me for not taking more pictures...

When we arrived, Shannon explained some of the characters that ran the stands. The guy that sells fish was crazy (in a funny way), and he played a practical joke on Shannon one time placing a crayfish in her bag when she wasn't looking. There's a woman who runs the produce section who is very short and can be absent minded at times. One of her employees will pick on her to get a rise out of her, but they work as a team. If she is unable to reach for something, he will pick her up without her asking for help. Knowing the dynamic of the people there made it more enjoyable to watch.

We stopped to get poultry first, and it's so fresh that they de-feather the birds right there. There were some on display that were featherless except for around the head.
The next stop was the produce stand, and there was quite a line, but everyone there knew how the system worked and patiently waited. Just as Shannon and G were about to be helped, a little old woman stepped in to purchase nuts. I enjoyed listening to Shannon and G converse with the produce guy about how the woman cut in front of them unapologetically.  They were laughing and joking, and it all sounded so enchanting because it was all in French.
After we got everything we needed, we stopped for fresh oysters. There's a special place in my heart for oysters. My grandparents introduced me to oysters when I was about 8 or 9, and I've loved it ever since. 
They shuck the oysters in front of you, and you have the option of having white wine with it. I normally like all the fixings like lemon, horseradish, cocktail sauce, Tabasco sauce, and a little black pepper, but this only required a squeeze of lemon, and it was delicious. Something so small and simple had me giddy. It was my Sunday Funday. 
Shannon and G saved the best for last, and stopped at the stand where they sold paté and other delicious meat goodies. We picked up some paté for the party and something else that Shannon wanted us to try that had goose in it. I can't remember what it was, but it was good. 
After the market we stopped at a bakery to grab some fresh baguettes and little mini sandwiches to snack on. On our first day, John and I picked up a sandwich that was just a fresh baguette with salami and  julienne cornichons. Something so simple tasted so amazing. And John hates pickles. 

From there we had everything we needed for the party. Shannon and I dressed up, and we made the boys wear bow ties that were actually hair accessories made by with amoré. 
When we arrived we walked in, and I felt like I stepped back in time...okay not really, but I was really feeling the vibe of the people in bérets, the girls in the spring dresses, the French music playing in the background, the many types of dessert and bottles of wine on the table, and the sound of bottles of champagne being popped open. It was all music to my eyes and ears. 
John and I mingled with everyone, and Shannon introduced us to her friend who was originally from Berlin but lived in Paris with his girlfriend. It was very refreshing to hear the German accent for some reason. I guess that's how you know when Berlin is really your home. We loved hearing the difference in how people live in Berlin and Paris. Both pretty different than the way we lived back in California. 

{ oysters ready to be shucked }

{ view of the Bastille from afar }

{ nothing but lemon and a little chardonnay to wash it down }

{ fresh baguettes }

{ among great company }

{ so much goodness on one table }

Here is a YouTube video of one of the songs that was playing at the party where all the girls danced twirling their skirts and dresses (including myself).  

We arrived at 1 pm and drank and danced until 7. We were one of the last people to leave, and by then, everyone was coming up to us as they were saying their goodbyes. I was hesitant in the beginning to greet our new friends with kisses, but by the time it got to the goodbyes it was kisses to everyone! 

The Prindles.

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