Friday, November 9, 2012

{ just married }

Dear Friends & Family,

 It's official!! We are now Mr. & Mrs!! The photos are coming in, and we love every captured moment. Thank you to everyone that came. And for those that were unable to make it, please check out our hash tag, #wendyandjohn on Instagram.
Now that we are married, it's time to focus on our move to Berlin. Unfortunately I will not be able to change my name since we are moving in December and there is not enough time to finalize all the legal documents necessary. I've gone 30 years going by Wendy although it's not my legal name. I think I can go a few years explaining my new married name.

John is waiting for all the details to be finalized with Max Planck Institute, his new employer. Once we have all the details, we will have a date of departure. Our apartment will be ready for us in January, and we are excited about our new home for the next few years.

I am excited for this blog to record our journey...I'll try to keep it short and interesting. Let's just hope it won't suck!

The Prindles.

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