Friday, August 28, 2015

{ back in the USA }

Dear Friends & Family,

It's been over a month since we left our home in Berlin, and right now our lives are still in transition. We are staying with John's parents while we save money, and we still have NO IDEA where we want to live...or where we can live. EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE!!

Seriously, $9 for a beer?! Oh Berlin, I miss your cheap prices. It's funny to think that in Berlin John would rather walk around the corner to Edeka (our grocery store) to get beer for €0.89 instead of paying €1.25 at the Späti (think liquor store) across the street. I'd pay 1.25 for a beer any day!

So imagine how much rent cost in Los Angeles. I'm really missing our Altbau in Schöneberg with its high ceilings, crown molding, and hardwood floors. 800 sq ft for less than €700!

We are happy to be back in the Los Angeles area though. I've missed Happy Hour, and that's what we treat ourselves to once a week. The other nights we cook at home, and I have been trying out new recipes from cookbooks I've checked out at the library (one of the first things I did was get a library card when we moved back).

John started his new job, and he's very happy with the projects he's working on. I'm going to get back into writing about food because I can pretty much talk about food all day, and it really makes me happy!

Here are some random food pics since we've been back! I will try to be better about taking more photos and writing more posts in the future.

The Prindles.
Always being inspired by new recipes.

First time baking with the help and direction of Annie.

Coffee/Flower Shop in our old Venice neighborhood

Beautiful Commissary in K-Town
Wine tasting in Santa Ynez
$5 beer for happy hour

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