Sunday, June 2, 2013

{ finally connected }

Dear Friends & Family,

After waiting for over a month, and a no call no show from the telephone company, John and I finally have  Internet/WiFi! It's been one month in our new home, and everything is steadily coming together.
{ our new door name plate }

{ weekly trip to IKEA }

{ instead of curtains, we bought plants for the kitchen }

The weather has been lingering in the 60's with a touch of rain here and there. When it rains, it doesn't rain for long...which is good because we do not own an umbrella.

John & I finished our 8 weeks of German class, and we are going to try to incorporate what we learned when we are out. It's pretty bad, but we're lucky enough that majority of the people in our neighborhood can speak English and help us with our German.

Right now we are sitting on our comfortable couch watching soccer, USA vs Germany. We are very thankful we are connected again.

With the rain on and off, it's nice to stay home and catch up on our shows. We watched John Dies at the End, a movie based on a book that I had finished reading last week (don't bother watching the movie, but check out the book if you're into that kind of humor).

We have our first visitors in two weeks which we are excited about. We've also talked about traveling somewhere in June, we're just not sure where yet. Flights and train tickets are cheap to Amsterdam right now, and Prague is not too far from Berlin.

Still counting down to August when we can see our friends & family again.

{ sun doesn't go down until almost 10pm }

The Prindles.

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