Saturday, February 28, 2015

{ prindles a week }

Dear Friends & Family,

What a perfect end to February with the sun out and the day somewhat warm. Saturdays we try to get out of the house and sometimes even out of our neighborhood. The colder and gray days make it hard, but when the sun is out we have no excuse. 

We went to Cocolo because it had been awhile. Usually when we crave ramen, we settle for Vietnamese down the street because it's so close, and I can always go for ph. After that we went to Kaschk in Mitte. It's a coffee shop that also serves craft beers, and they have two shuffleboard tables downstairs. So John picked out a German Pale Ale for us, and we played two games of shuffleboard, and I lost...twice. But there was something so familiar with drinking & playing games. All was missing was a pool table and a dart board, and I'd feel like we were back in California. 

While the sun was still out, we stopped by Lindenbräu at Sony Center. It's a touristy area, but I am a sucker for their Ingwer-Weiße (beer with ginger syrup).  Our home is just a short bus ride away, and once we were back in our neighborhood we got groceries for the weekend and came home to relax. 

Next week we have friends coming to Berlin, and John is busy trying to get work in before deadlines. I'm planning on taking more photos, and I hope to write at least once a week! No promises, but I'm trying to make more of an effort. So here are some photos from our day: 

The Prindles

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