Wednesday, March 4, 2015

{ randy in berlin }

Dear Friends & Family,

First of all, Randy has been to Berlin three times since we've moved here. Yes, some of it was for work, but he is taking full advantage of having friends that live here to stay with, and he's spending some of his time exploring other countries near by. This trip he'll be going to Prague and Amsterdam. The end of this month John and I will be going to Edinburgh, Scotland to meet up with our friends from San Diego.

We are so happy some of our friends & family have come out to see where we live, and I know some of you have expressed a great interest in visiting. I'm hoping it all works out because Berlin is one of those places not many people think to go to when they come to Europe. But they should. Especially if there are two awesome people who live here. (Me & John...)

Randy's first day we stopped at Mi Onda to say hi to Gonzalo and pick up some coffee to take for our cold walk to KuDamm to shop at Uniqlo and go to 25 Hour Hotel to enjoy the zoo scenery at Monkey Bar. Unfortunately none of the animals were to be seen, so no photos were taken...

{ gonzalo at work }

{ the many places to sit in the lobby of 25 hour }

{ monkey bar }

{ almond crusted chicken & sweet potato fries }

Today we stopped to get coffee at Companion inside Voo Store in Kreuzberg before meeting Amalie and Wendy at Taiko Gallery to check out their hard work on Wendy's new workspace. And hooray for them for getting the keys to their new apartment in Neuk├Âlln! 

{ photo taken by randy b. }

After coffee we stopped at Angry Chicken for some good ol' Korean fried chicken.

The Prindles

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