Wednesday, March 18, 2015

{ hello sun }

Dear Friends & Family,

To those in LA this may not sound like a big deal, what with the heat wave and what not, but yesterday I actually spent the day not wearing a jacket! It was in the 60s (that's like 15C or something), and I didn't want to waste a nice day inside, so Amalie and I planned on meeting for lunch and coffee. Instead of taking the train, I walked the 30 minutes to Bergmankiez (a cute little neighborhood in Kreuzberg). Amalie and I have walked and rode our bikes to get lunch at Cocoro and coffee at Chapter One many times last year when the weather was nice, or when it was too hot to take the train anywhere.

Unfortunately it wasn't warm enough to sit outside as both places were in the shade, but we're definitely already making plans for warmer days. We walked back together and went through Viktoriapark where the grass was littered with people sitting hanging out. It's not quite spring yet as the trees are still bare, but it's close. And I'm going to keep taking pictures, and I'm going to keep writing about the weather....until next week when we go to Edinburgh! Then I'll write about that.

The Prindles

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