Sunday, March 8, 2015

{ is it spring yet? }

Dear Friends & Family,

I feel like I talk a lot about the weather, but I can't help it. Winter has a sad affect on a lot of us here in Berlin. Not being exposed to the sun and all the Vitamin D it has to offer can make one go into a dark & moody place. You wake up and it's just cold and gray, and you want to stay in bed binge watching shows and movies on Netflix. At least that's what I want to do. Luckily my friends live(d) so close, and we try to meet for breakfast and/or coffee because that always cheers us up. It's past tense now because they just moved to a different neighborhood that is about 17 minutes from my door to theirs depending on train schedule.

So this week some of the girls stopped by to help Amalie & Wendy unpack and helped them get settled into their new apartment. There was tequila & Hennessy involved, dance party, and snuggles, so the next day there was pizza, and the day after that there was MORE pizza. You can never have enough pizza.

{ thursday: march 05 }
{ raw walls }
{ settling in }
{ wendy & amalie }

{ friday: march 06 }

{ saturday: march 07 }
{ pizza my heart }
{ cotton candy sunset }

The Prindles

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