Wednesday, March 25, 2015

{ plans for the summer }

Dear Friends & Family,

Tomorrow John & I are leaving for a long weekend to Edinburgh, Scotland. Randy is also leaving to go back to the US. He was here for a month, and it was so nice to have him. He's an honorary Berliner getting to know so much of our city, speaking the language much better than me or John, acting as a tour guide to his friends that come to see the city he loves so much, and hanging out with all our friends.

I'm not sure if everyone knows this, but John and I will be staying in Berlin at least until the end of summer. So if you have been thinking of visiting us, NOW would be a good time.

I have plans to be outside more. I want to ride bikes everywhere. I want to hang out by the lake. I want to have picnics in the park and drink beers by the canal. I want to go on adventures looking for the best ice cream (Hokey Pokey is still in the lead). I want to stay up until the sun comes up (it won't be difficult in the summer when the sun rises at 4am). There will be more dance parties, there will be more lounging by the pool at Badeschiff, and it will all be done with our friends. And of course I plan to capture all of it with our camera.

Today's adventure was focused on coffee & ice cream, but I can't wait for warmer and longer days to come.

The Prindles.

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