Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Dear Friends & Family,

We survived our second day!!! Now let me explain...
Last night we were sooo tired. Couldn't keep our eyes open body wanting to shut down tired. We tried to stay up until 10pm, but that was too difficult. I think I was asleep by 9:30? Then I woke up at 12am. I tried to go back to sleep, but by 2am I gave up, and I poured myself a glass of wine and went on my laptop. Luckily my mother-in-law was online, so we got to chat. Me being 9 hours ahead, it was 5pm in California. Just in time for her to pour herself a glass of wine, so we could drink together like we did before. I finally went back to sleep but woke up again shortly after. I would say I've been getting a series of naps in, not sleep. John too. We were up at 5am deliriously tired, watching shows hoping our eyes would grow heavy and get the sleep we so desperately longed for. We were also hungry, very, very hungry. With all the exploring and walking around, we only had the equivalent of one meal each. So after the sun was up (around 8am), I finally made some ramen soup. We watched another show and finally fell asleep!

I'm not sure how long we slept for, but we had to wake up and rush out the house to be at John's coworker's home at 4pm. All I wanted was more sleep, but it felt good to get outside, and it wasn't as cold today as it was yesterday. We took a different line today and got to see a couple more neighborhoods, ones that were more to our liking than the neighborhood we live in now. The home of John's coworker was beautiful in the neighborhood of Neukoelln. It was in a Turkish neighborhood, and it was busier than ours. Ours is a quiet suburb neighborhood in Dahlem. Andreas, John's coworker, lives in an old building with high ceilings  high doors, and high windows with his wife and newborn. The couple gave us an idea of what it's like living in Berlin with the different shopping stores, the things people like to do, and how to get around with the different neighborhoods.

Before we left, I had asked if there was a place we should stop on our way back, and they suggested one stop that took us to Bergmann Strasse (Street) in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg. There we would find a variety of restaurants and shops. We ended up eating at a Vietnamese restaurant called Good Morning Vietnam (yes, just like the title of the movie). I was excited that I could at least try to speak Vietnamese, but I quickly learned that American Vietnamese is very different than German Vietnamese. They have a northern dialect, but what threw me off was that they call certain foods differently. The server did not understand Cha Gio (fried egg roll) and Goi Cuon (spring roll). There they called it Nem Saigon and Nem Hanoi. Although the translation was different, the food tasted the same. Again, you're wondering why we're not writing about Currywurst or schnitzel, but there's something so comforting eating familiar food in an unfamiliar area. Being a foreigner is hard, and it's so refreshing to hear someone speaking English, or recognizing a word you understand. We did see a Currywurst place we'd like to try. There was a long line when we walked by and read that as a good sign.

So that was pretty much our day. We took more pictures, including our Prindles a Week photo. It's been 8 weeks since we've been married, and our first year of marriage will be 44 weeks in a new country. I cannot express enough in words how fortunate we are to have this opportunity, and I am so excited to capture every moment of it.

The Prindles.
{ my shoe after walking all day on my birthday }

{ view as we enter the neighborhood of neukoelln }

{ vietnamese/german menu }

{ good morning vietnam }

{ in the neighborhood kreuzberg }

{ inside a small underground boutique in kreuzberg }

{ 8 weeks }

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