Sunday, December 30, 2012

{ unpacking }

Dear Friends & Family,

Everything is closed on Sundays. Okay, not everything, but a majority of everything. John and I went to our local grocery store on Saturday night to stock up on food. Although they generally have the same stuff, it's all in German. Oh, and they keep their eggs in a non-refrigerated area near the bread section. That threw us off, and we had to ask Andreas, John's co-worker, if that was normal. In Germany, it is. So we bought some basics to get us through the day.

*eggs? (check)
*frozen pizza? (check)
*maggi (check)
*ketchup? (check)
*bolognese sauce? (check)
*yogurt? (check)
*frozen lasagna? (check)
*milk? (check)
*cheese? (check)
*hand soap? (check)
*plethora of ramen? (check, check, and check)
*peanut butter? (check)
*cheese balls? (check)

Since everything was closed today, we decided to relax and unpack all our belongings. Now our place is starting to feel more like home. The books are placed in the shelf, the clothes are all hung, we rearranged some of the furniture, and we caught up on sleep. Overall, it was a nice, relaxing Sunday.
{ view from our window }

Tomorrow we hope to explore in the other direction of town. There is a university and some restaurants about a mile away. I wish I had a pedometer to record how many miles we've walked so far. My legs are definitely feeling the miles.

The Prindles.

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