Friday, January 25, 2013

{ adventures in eating }

Dear Friends & Family,

Last week we planned on meeting Cat for dinner and a movie at the Sony Center in Potsdamer Platz. John and I had visited the Brandenburg Gate on New Year's day just north of there. We were told that Sony Center plays movies in their original language, and Django had just come out (Jan. 17). Cat also wanted to take us to an Italian restaurant she raved about. So we met in front of the theater only to find out the movie was sold out at the time we wanted. Bummer.
{ inside sony center }

So we walked a couple of blocks to Vapiano. They have a few locations on the East Coast. They're actually a huge chain. They have over 50 locations in Germany, and they're all over the map from Austria to Taipei. So maybe you heard of it?

Their concept is unique to me. When you enter, the host/cashier hands each person a card that gets swiped after you order to keep track of your total. It's self seating, so we found a table for John to guard as we went to get the food. Everything is made to order and is set up in stations. They have a pizza station that takes the longest, so they hand you a pager that buzzes when your order is ready. I stood in line at the pasta station and ordered spaghetti carbonara and penne pomodoro fresco e basilico (penne with cherry tomatoes and basil). Everything was made in front of me. Once we had our food, we went to our table where they have your usual salt & pepper, chili oil, olive oil & balsamic vinegar. But what I really loved was that each table had fresh herbs. Of course the food was absolutely amazing, and I know John was really happy to find another great Italian place.

{ pasta station set up }

{ pastas are portioned in brown bags where the order is written on }

{ more than enough for three people }

Once we finished we went to the front to pay. I'm not sure how they keep track of all the people with all the cards. The BBQ place at Markthalle also runs on an honor system. John and I went back on Saturday and got our pork belly sandwiches. They don't seem to have a system to when you pay for your food before or after you receive it. First time we visited we paid before. But we went back to get our beers and they told us to pay after we finished. Saturday they didn't seem to worry when we paid for our meal. They were very relaxed about the whole payment thing. 

{ we got there right when it was ready }

{ preparing the sandwich }

{ pork belly sandwich }

{ corner of markthalle }

{center of markthalle }

{ opposite corner of markthalle }

We enjoying coming to Markthalle because it's indoor, and they have fresh produce. It's also in Kreuzberg, and John and I are starting to look for apartments in that area. We've been to a few different subway stops all in Xberg, and we love all the stores and restaurants. I think every place I've written about has been in Xberg. We will keep you updated about that when it happens! Until then, hope everyone enjoys our adventures in eating.

The Prindles

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