Monday, January 14, 2013

{ on my own }

Dear Friends & Family,

Today was John's first official day at work. He went in to talk to Ulman who returned from vacation. He's the man that hired John. They discussed what John will be doing and who he will be working with. He has to travel to Frankfurt about once a month, and the work he will be doing there is similar to what he did at USC. Technically, John's been working since last week. He's been getting acquainted with Tim's work whom he shares an office with, and he's been helping Andreas (Andy for short) with his work.

My plan today was to leave the house and go into town without John for the first time. Of course that plan was delayed a bit when it was snowing. I brought three pairs of boots with me to Berlin, two being waterproof with run down heels, and one a suede like material that does not keep my feet dry when it's wet outside. Of course the two that are waterproof  were in better condition when I first arrived. The gravel they put on the sidewalk to give traction from the snow is what killed my boots. I plan on shopping tomorrow for a new pair (crossing my fingers I'll find a pair I like).

...I got sidetracked a bit.

It stopped snowing, so I walked to town. I decided to wander further down the street past the market where there are more shops and delis. We have a Woolworth here. Never seen one in California, but I've been told the store exists in some states. To me it's like a cross between a Ross and a Walgreens. Sort of. I got coffee at a random coffee shop that shares it's store with what looks like a small section of Brookstone built into it. I was proud of myself for ordering in German, "Ein latte machiatto, bitte." Latte machiattos are popular here.

Our fridge is mini fridge tiny, so we have to go to the store often to keep it stocked. We usually go to Kaisers, our local grocery store. There's also a Lidl which is a discount grocery store, and there's Bio Company that is like a Whole Foods. I went to Bio Company to get a few things before going to Kaisers to get the rest of my list. Still having trouble getting some items because there's so many variations and the differences are all in German. Until then, I've been adding to my spices and condiments collection. Starting your kitchen over is hard when you know you have all your kitchen appliances and tools in storage, and you gave away all your spices and sauces away. And everything is in German. Garlic in German is knoblauch. 

I'm loving the variety of chocolate though. If you're familiar with the brand Ritter Sport, they have more than the two I always see at Pavilions or Albertsons.  Today I got Rum Trauben Nuss which is pretty much rum raisin. I like the Häagen-Dazs version that my step-mother always had in the freezer. This I can just keep in my purse. Also, they had an ad warning people not to drive if they ate more than 23. 

Anyone familiar with the brand Haribo? Gummy bears, gummy cola, gummy fruit rings? They have a whole side of the grocery store aisle with nothing but Haribo gummy candy. A plethora of gummy candy if you will.

So that was my day today without John. It's still crazy that we live here. This is our home for the next two years, and we've been here less than three weeks. Thanks again for reading our updates. You know what we've been up to, we would love to hear how our friends & family are doing too! Please send us emails, or leave us a comment! We love hearing from you. 

The Prindles. 

{ snowing outside when i woke up }

{ rum raisin }

{ one whole side of the aisle }

{ i haven't even seen what other kinds they have }

{ people watching }

{ notice the gravel on the floor? }

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