Friday, January 11, 2013

{ success--part one }

Dear Friends & Family,

In no order, I would like to write about what a successful day it was for me & John. Last week we were introduced to two websites that are an English language insider guide to events/food/art/music/entertainment in Berlin. One of them is EXBERLINER, and the other is sugarhigh. With John at the office during the day, I have plenty of time to research new places to try, and I was excited to stumble upon a BBQ place from an article in sugarhigh

Big Stuff Smoked BBQ is open Thursday-Saturday around noon or on special market days, and they stay open until they run out of food. We arrived today just after 4pm and all that was left was pulled pork. In the middle of inhaling our delicious sandwich they had sold out.

What makes this place even more wonderful is that it's part of an indoor farmer's market, so there's small shops set up that sell fresh, homemade jams, breads, cheeses, meats and fish, wine, and there's also a beer garden in the back corner. And of course it's in the very large neighborhood of Kreuzberg (again, also known as Xberg).
{ we got our first snow }

{ entrance to the market }

{ loving it already }

{ forgot to take the picture when the food was still there }

{ fine sandwiches indeed }

{ pulled pork with arugula & apples }

{ we will get there early next time to get their pork belly }

{ beer garden }

{ loving this space with the lighting }

This was the end to our evening. Earlier today we explored Alexanderplatz, and we bought our annual pass to 17 museums in Berlin. We checked out Bode Museum that is part of Museum Island, so I will save those pictures for the next entry.

When you come to visit us bring your student i.d. (even if it's expired), you'll get half off on your ticket(s). John saved using his USC school i.d. Too bad I have no clue where mine is.

The Prindles.

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