Friday, January 11, 2013

{ success--part two }

Dear Friends & Family,

John suggested we explore Alexanderplatz today. We were going to check out TV Tower and walk around Museum Island. When we walked up from the U-Bahn we were in the center of a large plaza in front of Galeria Kaufhof. We headed towards the main street and walked in the direction of the museums. We wanted to check the area out for future reference and look into their annuals passes. John and I had LACMA passes that we enjoyed using whenever we had free time, and we knew that 40 euros would give us access to all the museums on Museum Island. The best news was that the pass gives us access to other museums in Berlin that we are not aware of (yet).

So as we are walking we come across a beautiful church that gives us insight to how much history and art Berlin has to offer. We got a great view of TV Tower, and we come across a fountain that's emptiness matched the cold weather we were experiencing.

One day is not enough to soak in everything that Alexanderplatz has to offer. We're excited to return and explore more of the area.
{ center of plaza with view of tv tower }

{ clearer view }

{ church tower }

{ chandeliers }

{ side iron door }

{ can't wait to see this in the spring }

{ wish i had a panoramic camera }

{ berliner dom }

{ bridge to bode-museum }

{ entry hallway }

{ entry stairs }

{ details }

{ description }

{ enchanting }

{ haunting }

{ loved the mug on his face }

{ silhouette }

{ opposite side }

{ snowy road }

{ along the canal }

{ cold day for a swim }

I hope you enjoyed our day through the lens of my iPhone. Once we're more familiar with the area we visit, and the weather is a little warmer, we plan on bringing our DSLR out to capture all the beauties we come across.

The Prindles.

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