Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{ happy new year }

Dear Friends & Family,

I wish we had more exciting things to write about, like stumbling upon some crazy underground Berlin New Year's Eve bash that lasted until the sun came up (which by the way is not until 8:15am). But alas, no. We stayed in, made ourselves a nice steak dinner, John took a little nap, we played some Bananagrams and Scrabble Slam, and then watched the Berlin NYE show, and listened to the fireworks that had been going on outside for about a good 7 hours.
{ garlic mashed potatoes, steak marinated in maggi, with a red wine sauce }

{ winning }

As soon as midnight struck, the big fireworks went off and did not stop until almost 1am. Don't think big like Disneyland big. Think amateur fire rockets big.
{ outside our window }

We did get into one Berlin tradition which was enjoying Berliners. They're basically jam filled donuts.
{ sugar and glazed berliners with strawberry and apple jam filling }

Today we slept. We woke up and had breakfast, put a movie on, and fell back asleep before we could finish it. We didn't want to explore today because we were not sure what was open today since most businesses were closed. We did leave the house to go for a walk in the opposite direction we usually go in, and McDonald's was open. John never eats McDonald's, and I eat it rarely, so of course we had to have it. Totally makes sense. 
{ pretty much the same }

We hope everyone had a good night, and we hope everyone is off to a great start to the new year. Tomorrow we plan on going to John's work to fill out some paperwork, get our monthly subway pass, and explore more neighborhoods. 

The Prindles. 

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