Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{ cravings }

Dear Friends & Family,

Earlier today I saw an American commercial for Red Lobster's Shrimp fest, and I started craving shrimp but have not seen them in the market as of yet. Yesterday John had a craving for a burrito. Hmmm, burrito in Berlin? We hadn't heard anything about Mexican food in Germany, and we gave up on the idea of it existing before we arrived. Luckily John mentioned this craving to Tim today at the office, and he suggested a few spots that he and his girlfriend have tried or have heard good things about.

So we went to Taquería Ta'Cabrón in Kreuzberg (also known as Xberg) with Tim & Kelly. It was in an area we had explored before but didn't stop in any stores. The place was small, and it reminded us of something we'd find in San Diego, close to the border line. We got there when the place was still empty, so finding a seat was not difficult. The menu was in Spanish and had an English and German translation.

Our eyes were hungrier than our stomachs and we wanted to order everything off the menu, but we resisted and stuck with shrimp tacos to satisfy my craving, and a beef burrito to satisfy John's. We also got guacamole which was served differently than we've ever seen. Overall the experience was great with good food & good company. We are happy to know there's a place that can satisfy our cravings for Mexican food.   
{ self seating, so this table supplied menus and utensils }

{ guacamole was on the bottom of the bowl along with sides of salsa }

{ breaded shrimp tacos }

{ german style beef burrito with sour cream }

{ luche libre }

We are excited to get our first visitors now that we are exploring and finding the good places to go. Hurry and book your flights! We miss our friends & family!!

The Prindles.

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