Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{ laundry }

Dear Friends & Family,

Remember when you first started doing laundry, and you weren't exactly sure what you were doing or which button did what? Hot or cold water? Delicate or Regular? Colors or whites? I think as we get older, laundry becomes easier. You get used to the machines that you use on a regular basis. I've used coin operated, sensor operated, and electric fancy at the house operated. I'm not too particular with laundry also. If my clothes come out clean and hasn't shrunk, then my job is done.

Well, it has finally come where John and I needed to do laundry here. We were running out of socks and undershirts. We decided to stay in today since it's supposed to rain the next couple of days, although their idea of rain is a constant light drizzle. That's how it's been all day today.
{ the view from our balcony }

I mentioned before that Berlin is very green..landscape and environmentally. They are not too keen on using dryers because it sucks up too much energy. So everyone hangs their clothes to dry. That means John and I shouldn't wait until the very last minute to do our laundry because we still need to give the clothes time to dry. Luckily we packed a lot of clothes. 

Um...German washing machines are probably the most confusing thing to come across at first glance. Although they labeled steps 1, 2, 3...it wasn't as easy at 1, 2, 3. Luckily our WiFi worked. I should mention that our laundry room is in the basement of the building. So we looked up every word on the machine just so we could pretend we knew what we were doing. First try? 8 minutes of watching the machine spin and spin and spin....with no water. After the 8 minutes were up we felt defeated, like, "that's it?" Pushed some more buttons. Nothing. Finally I hit the on/off switch and lights came on again with another timer like I hit the reset button or something. This time we pushed two buttons together and the thing started spinning again but this time with water. With 30 minutes on the timer, we went back upstairs. When we returned our clothes were wet and seemed to be clean. We ran it again just to be safe. The one cool thing about the washer is that one coin gets you two hours worth of cleaning...if I understand correctly. I'll have to ask someone else how they use their machine. 
{ down some creepy stairs }

{ large laundry space }

{ only two washers and one dryer }

{ close up of the foreign object }

{ another room for clothes to dry }

{ shopping cart chair }

{ our own rack to dry our clothes }

So overall our first time doing laundry was a success. Luckily we have a rack in our place to hang the clothes privately. Eventually we'll get the hang of it...I hope. 

The Prindles. 

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