Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{ max planck }

Dear Friends & Family,

Today was a big day. John and I went to his work to fill out all the paperwork, and he got all the information he needed for us to register our address (something you have to do in Berlin), apply for our visas, and obtain a bank account. We ran into Andreas and had lunch with him in the building's cafeteria. John had his first German meal since we've been here, and we found out that John was able to exchange his bottle of coke for 15 euro cents at the cafeteria. And not just there, but we can exchange our water bottles, beer bottles, and soda bottles for euro cents from the place we purchased the beverage. We have noticed that Berlin is very green when it comes to the environment, but I'll save that for another entry.

There was more to our day, but we are so tired from being out for 12 hours that I will just show pictures from John's work.

The Prindles.
{ starting our day at 8:30am, 15 minutes after sunrise }

{ john at his new desk. his two office mates were not in today }

{ view outside his office on the third floor }

 { filling out all the necessary forms }

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