Saturday, January 5, 2013

{ ikea }

Dear Friends & Family,

Nothing too exciting today. We met Tim & Kelly (John's co-worker & gf) at the subway station near Ikea to get some things around the house. We bought a full length mirror because we only had one mirror in the house, and that's the one above the sink in the bathroom. We needed taller glasses because the ones that were here are just an ounce or two away from being a shot glass. We also got a throw blanket for the downstairs couch, and a dish rack for clean dishes. Like I said, nothing too exciting today.
{ good ol' reliable ikea }

We arrived early because Kelly had read online that there was a tree throwing championship being held at all the Ikea's ( 4 in Berlin ). It started at 11am, and we weren't sure if it would be a busy turnout, so we arrived early to get our shopping done and get a glimpse of it as we were leaving. I believe it was just starting as we walked out of the store because there weren't that many people outside. We think the throwers had to pay a fee to enter, but they had the chance to win some nice prizes. 
{ the commercial we had seen when we first arrived to berlin }

{ it all makes sense now }

{ moose mascot? }

{ different techniques to throw a tree }

{ never got past 5m }

{ our weekly photo }

The Prindles.

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