Sunday, January 6, 2013

{ pizza & coffee }

Dear Friends & Family,

Another lazy Sunday, but this time we got out and explored another part of Berlin's neighborhood of Kreuzberg.
{croy (rhymes with toy) tzberg...croytzberg} 
We wanted to walk along the Landwehrkanal. John's co-worker, Andreas, had recommended a pizza place and a crêpe place in the same area. We ended up going to Il Casolare which was across the street from the canal. 

The weather's been damp lately with gray skies and light drizzle, and of course it's cold here. Sitting inside the restaurant with the fogged up windows enjoying our pizza & coffee was a perfect way to spend our Sunday. 

As much as we wanted to explore more of the neighborhood that surrounded the canal, we decided to save it for another that has a little more sunshine maybe. 
{ three locations }

{ epitaph band record release poster }

{ lattes }

{ grande }

{ it's not soup, john }

{ largest pizza we've ever eaten in its entirety }

{ park graffiti art } 

{ false advertising...haven't seen it yet }

{ along the canal }

The Prindles.

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